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Thursday, June 18, 2020

This Journey

This weightloss journey is one of the hardest treks that I've been on. Why is it so hard to lose what you've gained. I think that weight is the only thing that you can not lose as fast as you've gained. Money, material possessions, etc, you can lose in an instant. Its not fair.
But I didnt become obese over night, so I cant expect to lose it over night. But its killing me to see that I am putting in so much work and not really losing any weight right now. I brought myself down from 500lbs to 476lbs. But it seems like nothing I am doing is breaking past that platu that I've hit. Maybe I need to buckle down and get really serious with myself and limit my eating even further. Instead of 2700 cals, maybe try to only do 1500 for a few weeks.
I need to also stop eating after 7pm.

I just need help.


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