My Battle With Depression, Weight loss, and Diabetes

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Media Kit

Media Kit


Hello Cupcake It’s Me is a PR Friendly blog.  I would like the opportunity to provide you with a site/business review, product review, and/or giveaway.  Please email me at h...@g...l.com  if you have interest in having me provide your product/company with a review. 

I am a 29-year-old male who is Diabetic, and very tech savvy.  In addition to blogging, I make jewelry, design websites/graphics/logos, Social Marketing, provide peer counseling/life coaching advice, and am the owner of beadwitching.com which is my jewelry design business, and 360prconnect.com which is my Social Marketing firm.

My background has always been an artistic one, and I have used my artistic talents to explore different mediums ranging from digital arts to more traditional methods such as painting. My new found love of jewelry making has captivated most of my creative interests.

After having been diagnosed with Diabetes back in 2009 I have turned my focus and attention to blogging and finding new ways to get information out to people based my personal research. I strive to test out new products and give my honest reviews of them. Because I live on a shoe string budget as most Americans do now days, part of my blogging mission is to find products that are effective and affordable for any budget.

I began blogging back in August of 2010, when I have a visit to my doctors office in regards to my condition and the recent results of my A1C Test. After having reviewed the options of lose weight or lose a leg, it became my mission to work on bettering myself and helping others with the resources that I had found.
I enjoy being able to spread the word about products and my experiences with them through business/site/product reviews, and giveaways.


The majority of my followers include persons with Diabetes or who knows someone with the illness. I would say that my demographic age range is from 30-70 years of age.

Please contact me at h...@g...l.com  for specific information regarding the stats of this blog, including unique visitors, page views, and Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace follower information. I am also a member of a vast number of blogging communities, including the following:
Giveaway Blogs
Pitch It To Me
The Product Review Place
Blog with Integrity
Business 2 Blogger


Product reviews are a wonderful way to not only receive some honest feedback on a product, but they are also a cost effective way to spread word to others.  I will provide product reviews free of charge, although I will require that a full size sample of the product be sent to me to keep.  I will require 1-2 weeks to complete the review. 

If interested in doing a giveaway to accompany a review, I will advertise the giveaway on social networking sites, blogging communities, and giveaway links.  I will utilized Random.org to choose the winner.  I require that the prize be shipped to the winner directly by you. 

SITE/BUSINESS REVIEWWhy do a site/business review?  First, it provides instant exposure.  Second, it provides your business with a review that utilizes keywords to help your site's ranking in the search engines.  I simply ask that you place my banner on your site or blog. 

I do request that the site/business/product be family friendly. 
If you are interested in having your site/business/product featured on Hello Cupcake It’s Me,  or would like to Guest Blog, please contact me at h...@g...l.com

I look forward to any inquiries and future business done with you and your company.

-Michael S. Peterson

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