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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Contour Next One

I got a new Contour Next One finally a glucose meter company who got it right. Before if you didn't have enough blood in your test strip you had to throw the test strip away and start with a brand new one. 
And the bottle of test strips are like 50 bucks for the small bottle and like a hundred and fifty for the large bottle. So having to throw one away because you didn't have enough blood on it was really a pain in the ass and wallet. 

With this new glucose monitor it detects if there's not enough blood makes a beeping sound and you can add more blood to it and then it read test as soon as it's at capacity. I am so freaking happy with this meter I had the Contour USB for like the last 5 or 6 years and it's really hard for me to move on to this new meter mainly out of sentimental reasons because it's the meter that my dad had and I had the same one so it was kind of like I don't know it's stupid LOL so yeah. This today super freaking happy and excited it's Bluetooth so I can sync it with my phone and it goes directly into all three of my diabetic apps that I need and use for my Dr so yeah I'm just really excited and happy.

And today while at my 3 month check up with my Diabetes Dr, he told me that there is a new Dexcom that just came out that is Bluetooth, and that it syncs with my phone, meter, and that I dont have to prick my finger anymore to constantly correct. So he is going to get me all set up with those asap. So now if I could get them to all sync and talk with my Amazon Echo Dot, that would be awesome. 

I want to be able to ask Alexa what my blood sugar is and her connect to my devices and tell me, and have the ability to send a message to my family especially if im having a low.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Halloween in the making

Hello guys, I know I haven't blogged in a while but that is because I have so many other things going on right now. Because we are coming up on Halloween, my friend Carmen and I have been making Halloween costumes and props. This year, I have the honor of being the MC for the Port Townsend Zombie Crawl.

Last year I dressed up as a Witch Doctor and wowed a lot of people with my outfit and performance. This year, I am reprising the role of Witch Doctor and calling up the dead. Now being poetic and creative, I wrote up this elaborate "spell" to summon the dead. The people that are putting on the Zombie Crawl absolutely loved the whole spheal that I put on for them.
So now the issue is getting my costume ready. As at this very moment I just realized that I ripped a big hole in the pants that I wore last year, so that means I need to get a new pair of pants! But that aside. I have some extra props that I am going to use this year.

I made a "ferryman's staff" which is a walking stick with a lantern attached to the top. So that is going to be one aspect of my Witch Dr. I have also made a few shrunken heads, to add to my costume this year as well. I also have a Chicken foot septer that I am going to use as my wand to call up the dead and to use for various other things throughout the season. Carmen and I are going shopping on Monday to get more previsions and hopefully while we are out and about I can find some big baggy black pants that will fit me. The joys of being a large man in todays skinny world is the true struggle.

Places like Walmart that use to carry bigger sizes now carry what I like to call "conservative" plus sizes. They are 3xl but really like an XL. There was a thrift store called Value Village close to where I live, but they closed that store and the closet one that I know of is like 100 miles away. And of course there is always Goodwill, but when you live in a hippy crunchy town where the "fattest" person is yourself and everyone else is like maybe 125lbs wet and in 14x gravity, you find it rather impossible to find things that fit.
I have also taken on a side project on top of all of these other projects going on in my life, I began making my own set of tarot cards. Now this is something that I have always wanted to do, but never had that ability to create them, let alone the drive to do so. I picked up this really unique deck at a thrift store and sadly they were not complete.

There were only 42 cards and there's supposed to be 72. But that has sparked my ambition to get these cards that I am working on made. So once I get them completed I think that I am going to do a limited run of them. Giving them to my friends and family who want them, and perhaps selling a few on the market and making them limited editions. I already have like 3 other decks in mind that I want to make. The deck that I am working on has the explanation of the card and a small blurb about what the card means printed on them. The next 3 will not have that, but will have the symbology and context that traditional cards have.

So its not that I dont love yall and thats why im not blogging or making videos right now, im just up to my armpits with side hustle's. So I wanted to pop in and update the blog. Of which is celebrating its 8th year, so Happy Birthday Hello Cupcake It's Me. 858a2424a04311c46b018c1efa3aaccadde5933ddacccc6f14

Saturday, September 15, 2018

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