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Cheap Eye Glasses

So I have come across one of the best money saving sites ever. Its called EyeBuyDirect.com where you can get 15% OFF any purchase with code IFSW4F2T4X they specialize in helping people get prescription eye glasses for as low as $6.95.

All you do is visit their website and then chose the style of frames starting at $6.95 – $60, then you add on additional options like bifocal and tinting and what have you. Then after you have it all situated how you want you enter in your prescription and within 7 business days they ship you out a brand new pair of glasses, with protective case and microfiber cloth.

At first I thought that they were going to have a crappy ‘welfare’ frame selection, but was surprised to find that they had a pair of Flexlite frames which my Optometrist was going to charge me $475, they had the same exact pair for the $7.95, with shipping and everything it was just under $13.00.

I highly recommend them for anyone who may have limited income, and need to have new glasses. The best and cheapest way that I have found to get your prescription is to go to Walmart and have them do their $50 eye exam around September Back to School time is when you can get the best deals on this. Then hit up that site. I am not being paid to blog about this, they are someone that  I’ve used and really stand behind them 100%

To take advantage of this great deal head over to Eyebuydirect.com and make sure to use promo code IFSW4F2T4X for an extra 15% discount.

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