My Battle With Depression, Weight loss, and Diabetes

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Another thing that I started using is a data base for Microsoft Excel called Fitness Progress Chart. Now this template is free, only if you currently have Microsoft Office and Excel.

This is a great tool because it automatically charts everything for you. You enter your weight, your chest, waist, and hip size and it calculates your lean body weight, body fat weight, body fat percentage, and your body mass index or B.M.I.

This great data base is helping me to visually see my progress. This data base comes for both men and women. Click either men or women to download your own data base.

Another great data base/print out that I found on the Microsoft Template website was a Diabetes Record Book for Excel. This one doesn't calculate anything out for you, it is
meant to be a print out, but if you are anything like me, writing things out is hard to do. However, I am keeping a Food Diary, so I have just stapled this to the back of that and fill them both out at the same time. To get your's click here. Again to use any of the Microsoft items posted here, you must have Microsoft Office and the corresponding program that goes along with the download.

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