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Sunday, May 31, 2020

#sayhisname George Floyd - my thoughts

I never met the man. But his story is the same as many others. He was murdered. Plain and simple. Murdered by those who swore an oath to serve and protect. A man, died, crushed to death by another grown man. Applying lethal pressure in a submissive hold. A hold that these "peace officers" are taught from basic training not to hold a suspect in for more than a few moments. A hold that is known to kill people.

The aftermath that consumed most of the nation in violence and fiery retribution. George's death was the spark that ignited the riots and protests that happened. It started off as a protest against his killer(s). But there was so much more that was boiling under the surface. So much more that pushed the people to the breaking point.

For years the police have gone unchecked. A localized military group that operates under the guise of public servants. I am not saying that all officers are bad. I personally have family members in law enforcement that I know take their oath seriously. But there are those who should never wear the shield.

Playing Devils Advocate, I understand both sides of the preverbal coin. I understand the heartbreak of the African American Community. I understand the feeling of hopelessness and being voiceless. I understand the fear that many live in, not knowing how they are going to make things work, and constantly having authoritative figures being self serving and never turning their gaze upon the real issues that the people have, only those issues which will better serve those of means. Of living in a "class" system society even when we are not supposed to have equal rights.

I understand the justice department in needing and wanting to keep the peace. But when it is so blatantly obvious that they protect their own, and sweep the wrongs of their peers under the rug, it becomes hard to support a system that shows no support for those they are supposed to serve.
Breaking and entering, vandalizing, looting, rioting, and causing massive damage is against the law and hurts the community yes. But it is also the only language that the repress have many times. Look at all the riots of the last 40 years. Most if not all of them have been in response to Police Violence, or injustice. Sure there have been some that have been due to sporting events and other nonpolitical related events. 

I foresee a new civil war breaking out. With the current administration the tell tell signs are already there. It is quite literally history repeating itself. When the North and South fought, it divided the country in two. The Union and The Confederacy. Now its becoming apparent that it is happening again. Not for a very long time have we seen such a divide in our nation. Starting back in 2008 when the first black man was elected into the role of President. A ground breaking, historical event. We saw the sleeping dragon awaken.

For the Black Community that dragon has always been awake. But it was really the first time that caucasians saw it. People saying things like "if that n***er has a barbeque at the White House, we'll lench him". When the current administration began its run for presidency, the dragon fully awoke and spread its wings. Showing the entire populace that hate and bigotry was still running rampant in this country. Suddenly hate and intolerance had public support, and an "in your face" strength that hadn't been seen since before the Civil Rights movement. Social Media platforms became the new Speak Easy's and Soap Boxes for fanning the flames once more.

"peaceful protests are the only way..." I've heard this said several times over the course of the last week and a half at the time of writing this. But lets look at all the peaceful protesting that has happened in the past. Lets start with Dr. Martian Luther King. He and his band of followers and supporters, both white and black, joined together and marched peacefully. He tried to be peaceful. He tried to be diplomatic.

Floyd McKissick, director of the Congress of Racial Equality, tried to come to terms with King’s death and its meaning for the broader civil rights movement.
“Nonviolence is a dead philosophy and it was not the black people that killed it,” he told a reporter from the New York Times the night of the assassination. “It was the white people that killed nonviolence and white racists at that.” - https://www.history.com/news/mlk-assassination-riots-occupation 

Those riots and protests lasted almost a full year in the very same cities that we are finding civil unrest now. The American People can not live with the "one rule for me and tree rules for thee"  governance that has steadily become the norm. Its not until the people band together under a common banner that they are heard. There are many right this very moment that are not seeing the bigger picture and only seeing the violence and destruction that is happening as mindless chaos, and not the underlying meaning of what is taking root and trying desperately to grow. But it is those in power who think they are above the laws that they swore to uphold and protect. Blind faith in those of a position of power and not in the right or wrong aspects of things. We all make a choice as what to do and when to do it.

Malcolm X, same situation, same result. Yes he was more "militant" but the message was the same. Rodney King, beaten, battered and assaulted. Trayvon Martin, killed for walking down the street and refusing to talk to George Zimmerman. Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem in a silent protest, resulting in him losing his position and many corporate sponsorships.

I am neutral in all of this. I understand both sides of the coin. However, I am more favorable toward the peoples side in this case. Police officers use to be wholesome. They were the good guys. They were not feared. Now, people rather deal with crime in their own ways, rather than call upon those whose jobs were to serve and protect, because more often than not, those enforcers kill, mame, or otherwise injure and make the situations worse.

#sayhisname and in doing so, send blessings to his loved ones. That their pain is eased, and that justice isn't blind, and that good, positive, lasting changes are made.


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