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Diabetic Videos

This page contains videos that are about Diabetic Health, exercise and things of that nature. I do not own these videos, I have come across them in public domains such as YouTube.com and VodPod.com. These videos are in no way substitutes for medical advice, or are they to be used as medical treatments. Hello Cupcake It's Me! is not responsible for any person's injury as a result of these videos. These are being placed here provided for educational purposes.

Do I have Diabetes?

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes: Foot Care

What is Insulin

What is Neuropathy

What is Diabetic Ketoacidosis or DKA: This is very serious stuff, I almost died from it!

Smoking and Diabetes

Bret Michaels on Diabetes

Miami Ink's Darren Brass on Diabetes and Tattoos

Diabetes Education - Diabetic Blood Glucose Monitoring

Diabetes Education - Subcutaneous Injection

Diabetes Education - Different Types of Insulin

Diabetes Education - Insulin Storage

Diabetes Education - Insulin Pens

Diabetic Exercise

Diabetic Pump

Raw Food Diet - I came across this amazing video and I really wanted to share it with you. I thought that if it did work that it would be something that everyone should try Rawfor30.com

The Diabetes Rap - A Funny Amateur Rap Video

The Diabetes Rap - A Funny Amateur Rap Video Part 2

A Mom's Song about Type 1


Glucose Song


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